Saturday, November 30, 2013

Graduating from iPhone to A Real Camera

Dear baking world,

I am getting into serious relationship with my blog. I am tired of the cruddy iPhone pictures and I know if I don't take my pictures seriously, no one will take my blog seriously.

So I downloaded the free trial of Lightroom 5 today and I grabbed my mom's camera. The final step was something to take pictures of. Thankfully, it was my sister's birthday yesterday, so I frosted and decorated a lovely chocolate cake. And there's also my gluten free sister who needed a gluten free cake so lots of options in a beautifully lit kitchen!

Here are the results. I was screaming. More to come soon!

As for the recipes themselves, they were boxed cakes. (I know, I know) BUT the chocolate cake was the Cake Boss's boxed chocolate cake so fingers crossed it lives up to homemade. The gluten free one was pretty good, but as is usual with gluten free, it was a little dry.


This one was awesome because I edited out a light reflection on the table and you can't even tell! (I think I am way too excited by all of this.)

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